Actively eliminates odors Eliminates odors at the source kills the microbes that cause odors
Significantly improves air-quality Actively kills bacteria, viruses and VOCs while preventing the formation of mold and mildew. Does not cover up or mask odors but eliminates the microbes that cause orders. Proven reductions in absenteeism
One time application – long lasting Medallion Active Safeguard chemically bonds to surfaces and last for years
Works continuously 365 days per year Turns any wall or ceiling into a transfer air cleaner that works continuously
Self cleaning Once applied no further action is required by the customer
No expensive equipment or action is required by the customer Provides energy savings. Reduce maintenance costs
More effective than chlorine ozone or peroxide The cell destroying process of Medallion Active Safeguard is three times stronger than chlorine and 150% stronger than ozone or peroxide.
Medallion Active Safeguard is the industry leader 60% more product on the surface area being treated. More economical and efficient applications.