Are You Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality?

With over 17 years of experience, the Medallion Team has the knowledge to determine the source of the problem and the treatment needed to correct the issue. We are your Indoor Air Quality Specialists!

  • What is active safeguard? – Active Safeguard is an advanced indoor air cleaning system. Actively eliminates odors & Improves indoor air quality.

  • How dos it work? – Medallion Active Safeguard is a micro-thin layer applied to the interior surfaces of any building that continuously kill the microbes that cause odors, bacteria, viruses and VOCs while preventing the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Features & Benefits – Actively Eliminates Odors! eliminates odors at the source, It actually Kills the microbes that cause the odor!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Medallion Active Safeguard guarantees any indoor air quality or odor abatement issue. We will meet and/or exceed the standards set by a member of IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization), or an independent Environmental Hygienist.

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We believe that everyone deserves to breathe clean air indoors. In your home, at work, in daycares, hospitals, and definitely schools. The technology exists to make that goal happen very easily with Medallion Active Safeguard.

Highest Standards

Over 18 years of experience and over 5000 buildings inspected and treated. BBB rating of A+. We provide solutions that exceed air quality standards set out by the IESO.

Professional Team

Our certified team has the skill set to identify any air quality issue and provide a practical solution.

Creative Soloutions

We can help you save money every year on heating and cooling as well as your energy bill.

“Excel Martial Arts Mission Location was recently cleaned by Medallion Indoor Environmental. The Staff was professional, knowledgeable and they were thorough in their explanation of the services they were providing. We would definitely recommend Medallion to anyone that is looking for a full service, state of the art cleaning service.”

Brent Janzen, Excel Martial Arts Mission

We definitely love the Medallion Active Safeguard Touch Point Treatment and so do our patients. This time of year I feel great knowing we are safer in our office from these crazy colds that are around. Not to mention the amazing service we had by you both! Thanks for everything !

Christina Van Vliet, RMT (Owner), Logan Massage Therapy

I was selling a cute little townhouse where both owners had smoked in it for 35 years. It had been for sale for 45
days in a hot market and was not selling before the treatment. After your Ozone treatment combined your
Active Safeguard treatment, this townhouse sold for 99% of the listing price within 10 days!
In my situation, I experienced a 100% improvement with your wonderful product!
I also appreciated the excellent customer service you and your team provided. Without hesitation, I would
choose Medallion Health Homes Ozone and Active Safeguard treatments over and over again!

Brian Kirkwood, Realtor

“I would like to thank Colin for treating our busy little office with the Medallion active safeguard. At this time of year especially we have many patients coming in with some sort of cold. I always ask the ones exhibiting signs to wear a mask but inevitably I end up with a cold or sinus infection every year. Fingers crossed, thanks to Medallion, I have not become sick even though multiple sick people came through.”

Carlie Penty, Logan Massage Therapy